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College Facilities


Unleash your inner advocate at Pasban Law College’s Mooting Club—a dynamic arena where legal theory transforms into riveting courtroom prowess. Dive into intricate case analysis, craft compelling arguments, and refine your oral advocacy through immersive moot rounds. Elevate your legal acumen as you receive feedback from seasoned professionals, and seize the chance to shine in regional moot court competitions. With its vibrant blend of learning, networking, and real-world practice, the Pasban Mooting Club is your pathway to becoming a standout legal luminary.


The Pasban Law College Library stands as an indispensable cornerstone of our academic community. Overflowing with an extensive array of legal texts, journals, and reference materials, it emerges as an integral facet of our legal education program. The library boasts contemporary amenities, furnishing students with a tranquil haven for their research and study endeavors. Our erudite and approachable librarians serve as adept guides, expertly aiding students in sourcing and procuring the materials vital to their studies. Indeed, the Pasban Law College Library is more than a repository; it’s a strategic asset enriching our institution and empowering our students to achieve excellence in their legal pursuits.


Pasban Law College’s contemporary computer laboratory is a crucible that augments students’ scientific and technological research acumen. This facility, enriched with avant-garde software and tools, serves as a crucible of vibrant engagement, beckoning learners to traverse the frontiers of technology and science. In deftly navigating the exigencies of digital learning and research, it emerges as a stalwart ally in students’ academic pursuits. Beyond its utilitarian role, this laboratory emerges as an epicenter of innovation, fostering experiential learning. Armed with these quintessential skills, students are poised not only for mastery in the digital epoch but also for pioneering transformations within the legal domain.


Indulge your taste buds at Pasban Law College’s vibrant cafeteria. A culinary haven offering a diverse menu of delectable delights. From quick bites to hearty meals, enjoy a flavorful experience in a welcoming ambiance. Connect with peers over aromatic coffee or savor a sumptuous lunch. Our cafeteria, more than just a dining spot, fosters a sense of community within the legal fraternity