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At college moot court, competition simulates a court hearing (usually an appeal against a final decision), in which participants analyse a problem, research the relevant law, prepare

written submissions, and present oral argument. Moot problems are typically set in areas of law that are unsettled or that have been subject to recent developments. They usually involve two grounds of appeal, argued by each side.

Mooting enables students to engage with and think deeply about interesting and topical issues; to enhance their advocacy, legal research and writing skills; to work closely with and learn

from their peers; and to demonstrate their interest in advocacy and competence as an advocate to prospective employers. Most students find mooting to be intellectually rewarding and highly enjoyable. It can be nerve-racking and frustrating but it is a lot of fun.


Our college library stimulates the students to obtain, evaluate and recognize law knowledge and to familiarize themselves with the trends of law knowledge for further achievements and learning new disciplines. To fulfil the needs of the faculty members and students a library

has been setup. It consists of valuable collection of books. Our library is fully furnished with comfortable furniture having more than 5000 books and air conditioned.


The college computer laboratory came in to existence to enhance the scientific and technological research and invention capacity of students. I mean the good and practical computer lab

that makes students interesting and enthusiastic about technology and science. A computer lab meets the growing challenge of internet usage & e-learning. The Pasban Law College has a highly modern and technology-driven computer centre which is available for the faculty members and students in their research. The centre is competently equipped with the latest software

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