Barrister M. Shafiq Ahmed
(Advocate high court)

Introduction & Experience

His Social Activities & Achievements he gave pro bono Services to the charitable organizations like (APWA) All Pakistan Woman Association for women rights and empowerment.He has achieved awards on working for SOS Village children projects, Aid work for primary Education scheme and other charity work. He has been teaching law for many years to promote legal education in private sector and also Visiting Lecture in Law at GC University Faisalabad.

Barrister Mian M. Shafiq Ahmed (Advocate high court) established Mian Law Chamber in 2008 in Faisalabad. Barrister Mian M.Shafiq Ahmed is a Law graduate of Punjab University and completed his L.L.M from University of Bedfordshire (UK). He has done his Bar-At-Law from The Honorable Society of Lincolns Inn UK. Having the membership of international Bar association, Barrister Mian Shafiq is an expert of diverse area of legal matters both nationally and internationally. The honorable fellow is highly qualified in not just Law but his degrees in MBA and M.A. English makes him competitive to meet the needs of expectations of international and national clients. He is the Life member of Lahore High Court Bar Association, Life Member of Lahore Tax Bar Association, and Life Member of District Bar Association Faisalabad. He is also member of Faisalabad Tax Bar Association. He is Member of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce. 

Director Message

“Your success at the PLC will be the measure of our success in delivering high quality education.”

the key to success

Practice Areas

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family law
drug crimes
tax law
legal advice

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